Auguste Rodin (European Writers)

RAINER MARIA RILKE: AUGUSTE RODIN Translated by Jessie Lamont and Hans Trausil Edited by Jeremy Mark Robinson A new edition of Rainer Maria Rilke’s monograph on the French sculptor Auguste Rodin, a book first published in 1919. It is fully illustrated, with works by Rodin, and portraits of Rilke. Includes illustrations, an introduction, a note on Rilke, and a bibliography. Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) is one of the greatest of all lyrical poets. Rilke is part of that group of European poets and writers which includes Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Rimbaud, Georg Trakl, Marina Tsvetajeva, and friends such as Andre Gide, Lou Andreas-Salome and Paul Valery. Rilke was an incredibly inventive creator of poetry, who could forge the myriad states and images of love, from the delicate, detailed and subtle, to the passionate, illuminating and ecstatic. Fully illustrated. With bibliography and notes. 124 pages.

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