Are You a Math Genius? The Inventor's Book of Calculation Games

" Coolest Math Book I've EVER Seen! This book creates a world of fun characters with silly names that are valued at different amounts. It's your job to find out what amount and several other factors. Talk about fun math! You also get to create your own too! It's for older kids but my 9yr old is really into it. It depends on the level your kids are at in relations to understanding math, money and puzzles. Such a cool concept and great for any kids whether homeschooled or public school." Serena - Amazon Review

This unique math book can cover an entire school year by completing four pages each week! We use creative games, logic problems, art and our unique Funschooling approach to tap into your child’s creative side to finish this book. This is THE book to help your student learn how to use Math in the real world. Excellent for all students, especially creative learners, struggling, and reluctant learners. Students with ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger’s and Autism especially thrive with this book. Many parents choose to complete this book alongside their child during math time.

$ 20.00

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