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Kelvin Doe: The Boy Who Created His Future
03.09.2021 Sophie Sabin
Kelvin Doe Kelvin Doe

Next in our series on young innovators is Sierra Leonean inventor, Kelvin Doe. His story is inspiring because it shows that resources are no barrier and local communities mean just as much as global ones. All you need to get started is curiosity, ambition and creativity.

Born in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, in October 1996, Kelvin Doe started collecting scrap metal, discarded devices and rubbish aged ten, seeking to remedy his neighbourhood’s intermittent electricity supply and rolling blackouts.

By the age of 13 and completely self-taught, Kelvin had made a battery capable of powering the surrounding homes and his own continuing work. He also built a radio transmitter, sound amplifier, three-channel mixer and microphone receiver from which he broadcast his own community radio station. Known as DJ Focus for his renowned dedication and drive, Kelvin has credited this unwavering diligence as the source of his inventions.
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